I am Strong, I am Kind, I am Intelligent, I am Educated, I am Witty, I am Insightful, I am Empathetic, I am Hardworking, I am Honest, I am a Victim, I am a Survivor, I am Hopeful, I am a Valid Voice, I am Unhoused…….

My Story

I became unhoused in my attempt to remove myself from a violent and abusive home environment. I soon found myself in a facility which was worse than I could have ever imagined and subject to abuse by both staff and fellow clients. For a year, I worked tirelessly to navigate a new life for myself in a broken system. I walked down numerous roads paved with agencies whose jobs are to be advocates. Time and again I found myself at dead ends and my voice falling on dead ears. This is the beginning of my story on why I chose to create a site that speaks from experience in the hope that understanding will replace ignorance .

Help Support The Community

“That which is not good for the bee-hive can not be good for the bee”

Marcus Aurelius

“I am convinced that people are much better off when their whole city is flourishing than when certain citizens prosper but the community has gone off course. When a man is doing well for himself but his country is falling to pieces he goes to pieces along with it, but a struggling individual has much better hopes if his country is thriving.”

Pericles, 431 BCE.

I Believe In Impossible

I began reaching out to various media outlets, government agencies and government officials in an effort to raise awareness about the trauma, violence, abuse, and neglect that unhoused women face everyday. I was shocked at the pervasiveness and level of callous indifference, so, I decided to create this site. I believe in people. I believe that if people can set aside their preconceived ideas and egos long enough to hear other voices we can build our communities on more solid foundations. I hope to build this site to be a space for other woman to share their stories and find support.